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Every week, Amber Rose teaches her two-year-old son a new word.

This week’s word is technically not a word at all (TMZ will point this out after she’s uploaded a video of her lesson to Instagram) but it comes in handy as we try to explain to him why I am here on a Sunday afternoon—a complete stranger lounging in the palatial master bedroom of Mommy’s house in the Hollywood Hills.

After years of living as hip-hop arm candy and clickbait fetish object, she’s emerged, defiantly single-ish and eager to spread her womanly gospel.

She has inserted herself into today’s pop-feminist moment, showing up on Amy Schumer’s sketch show (“She’s sick, she’s dope,” Rose says, “and she’s a really good kisser”) and at the MTV Video Music Awards in a getup with the hand-painted words GOLDDIGGER and WHORE, speaking out against anyone who’s ever engaged in slut shaming.

We revisit last week’s word—translucent—and Rose holds up one of the bottles of water we’ve been chugging. After he obliges, she bows her exquisitely shaped head and he licks the top, like a lizard. It’s a sweet scene—as innocuous and adorable as parenting gets.

But it also conjures, somewhat awkwardly, the very thing Rose has been trying for years to escape: her past with one particularly famous and influential man.

The head-licking photo is this generation’s version of naked John nuzzling Yoko on the cover of .It’s become her crusade—her post-Kanye-and-Wiz raison d’être. I have a beautiful son, two assistants, lawyers, business managers, management, and access to pretty much whatever I want,” she says. I do feel more comfortable with someone who’s living up to par with me.”As social lubricants go, cigarettes are out of fashion.She’s cultivated an activist streak, organizing an official Amber Rose–branded version of the Slut Walk, a march in protest of the societal forces that punish women for dressing sexily. “But I don’t give a fuck,” Rose says as we settle into the plastic chairs by her pool; Sebastian is playing inside with his grandmother. I’ll get through this whole pack.” Rose is good at creating a sense of intimacy, often calling people she’s just met “babe” or “honey”: “Need a light, babe? ” Calling Amber Rose hot is like saying caviar is a good source of protein: It’s technically true, but insufficient to capture her unique, otherworldly perfection.She was with him as he masterminded his own redemption story on That all ended years ago, but somehow Rose has only grown more famous.And these days, she’s on a mission to prove that there are more interesting things about Amber Rose than her entombed romance with the most interesting man in culture.

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Rose was in the audience watching in proud exasperation as West stormed the stage during Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech, and she was along for the disastrous media tour that followed.