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Posted by / 16-Nov-2017 20:07

New research suggests that when it comes to matters of the heart...well, it's complicated.

Studies have found that people are more likely to be attracted to and pursue romantic relationships with individuals who are more themselves across a broad range of personal characteristics, including age, religion, political orientation, and certain aspects of intelligence.

Instead of arguing, learn how to calmly talk about issues or disagreements.

No need to have things escalate and turn into a screaming match just because you two don’t see things the same way.

Maybe you’re really high-strung and type-A, but your partner is more calm and easygoing.

While you might mistake them as lazy or uncaring, they might just work at a different pace than you, which actually might end up calming you down as well.

This is especially important when you two are polar opposites.

It will allow you two to have space to enjoy your hobbies and keep your own identity without having to neglect either for the sake of your relationship (which could cause resentment).

Love each other and respect each other for who you both are as individuals.

Part of having a relationship work with someone who is so different from you is learning how to compromise.

They were a relatively committed group, as 93 percent were in exclusive relationships and 3.3 percent of the couples were engaged.

The slim remainder of the sample characterized their relationships as ‘‘casual.’’ Relationship length at the start of the study varied, ranging from less than one month to seven years, with an average of almost 17 months.

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Learn to respect each other’s differences in personality and opinion if you want this to work.