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Those gay men who identify as being “out” are more likely to use Pr EP.

While some avoid labels based on factors like body type and relative masculinity and femininity, LGBTQ communities have many sub-cultures with specific identity categories and social conventions. Of all groups surveyed, bisexual women are most likely to believe that the LGBTQ community is open and supportive (62% more likely to believe this than the rest), while bisexual men are the least likely to feel like the community is open and supportive.

About Match: Founded in 1995, Match was the original dating website and pioneer of the online dating industry.

By expanding our annual Singles in America study to include more people of diverse identities, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans, we are beginning to address these knowledge gaps to better understand singles today.” The study surveys a representative sample of over 1,000 LGBTQ singles between the ages of 18 to 70 across the United States, who are not currently in a committed relationship.

Key takeaways include: Everyone has a personal story of realizing their sexual orientation and coming to terms with who they are.

Nice to meet you: When it comes to first date physical expectations, 57% of LGBTQ singles expect a kiss, while 25% expect a full make out. The typical gay man has had 30 lifetime sexual partners and lesbian women have had 12 sexual partners.

Only 9% expect sexual intercourse (16% gay men and 2% of lesbian women). Sexting: 50% of LGBTQ singles have sent a sexually explicit photo of themselves, with bisexual women and gay men sending the most (64% and 56%, respectively). Pr EP: 4% of gay men report using Pr EP (HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis), 8% are considering it, and 1% have used it in the past.

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