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We must have sat there for two hours talking non-stop while our coffees grew cold and barely touched. With a twinkle in her eye and a coy mischievous grin she replied “I thought I had already asked you!

In our case it seemed to be true that there are indeed such things as soul mates.

Alexis had come to the states not only for her graduate work but also to experience Western Americana.

It started out as a sequence of unrelated events that had combined and then had spiraled out of control, along with a hard headed royal personality. My wife, Alexis, also wrote this so in some sections you will see narrative in her own words. We had met after a month into the Fall semester while beginning our last two years of the university where I was studying to be a veterinarian and she was working on her master’s degree. She went to undergraduate school in Europe and for two years she had been on her country’s Winter Olympic Biathlon team.

After graduation she decided to do her post-graduate work in the states.

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Just sitting there she exhibited poise, grace and beauty.

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