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Unifrac online dating

Find the “CMI workshop analysis” study in Public Studies.You can use the search window at the top right, or filter by tags (“CMIWorkshop” tag). This will expand the study to expose all the objects from that study that are available to you for analysis.To choose a good cutoff for your data, view the histogram that was made when we generated the summary of the data.

We will just add the Closed Reference OTU table object by clicking “Add” in that row.

This enables us to display this data to view the percentage of each taxa within each sample.

When using “Deblurred” data, there is no taxa assignment since features are kept as individual error-corrected sequences, so if you are referencing this tutorial with your own deblurred data you can skip to the next section “Alpha Diversity Analysis”.

You could optionally exclude particular samples from this set by clicking on “Show/Hide samples”, which will show each individual sample name along with a “remove” option.

(Removing them here will mask them from the analysis, but will not affect the underlying files in any way.) This should be good for now.

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