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Www sxs kello potos km

America has a calcium c 80% of American wi don't get enough calciul That's one reason wn Lbmi Jl! Once you have your list of possi- bilities, call each of them and ask the following questions: 1 . To make the mosi your visit, bring a one-page sumn of your situation.

She believed ahways "it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." Eleanor wrote this column r^^lariy for LHJ beginning in 1941; Hillary Rodham Clinton and New York City Mayor Rudolph ; Giuliani unveiling ^ a statue of -^^ Eleanor in 1996 8 . He blamed it on his long hours, and he did work endlessly — mostly for one client, a DT? K Of MEREDITH CORPORATION clothing importer, who had him programming bar codes, sometimes until three A. 'But I have to stay until the work is done.' "Yet, for all the time he put in, he wasn't bringing much money home. I tried to tell her that cutting back hours would only create more money problems. She was so sweet when we met, with her saucerlike eyes and long hair. 'But life is ac- tually easiei when you face the truth.' 'This new av. NO MBS HABLE s JG GE L HAlk HEMOVERKIT Wax Residue Washes With Water L discover a new, more natural way to ihance your beauty through the botanically ssed products of Yves Rocher, France's •ading expert with 35 years of experience I natural beautycare. True Colors Satin lipstick ' " L(in;.;wearing, lealher J^ resistant tormula. Ask friends for the names of contractors who have done a good job for them, and get recommenda- tions at your local lumber yard or building-supply center. And, finally, can you stop by to see the contrac- tor's work firsthand?By Lois Joy Johnson home 70 HOME NEWS Snazzy ways to organize your storage; make a dull corner cozy and inviting. An orphan at ten, she was raised in her grandmother's loveless home. "I'm tired, too, ei living in a cramped apartment with crumbling plaster, just because Rich would feel suffocated working for someone else. But he was always on the verge of a break- through. "When I told him how much I wanted a baby, he said 'Fine! 'I'll never have a baby if his fa- ther doesn't come home from work before midnight,' I told him bitterly. I'd like to know what happened to the love and everything to me. MAYF^l LI n e A V R P Q R O R M M / T ' S MAYBELLINE. V^Tien he could account for only S700 — which was in fact all he had earned in that three- month period — he broke down and cried. My presence made it easier for Rich to ad- mit his failures to Alimi, but it was still deeply pamful for him, and I praised him for getting beneath his ar- rogant I've-got-to-do-it-my-way stance. By call- ing a halt, i Vlimi had done him a fa- vor. #11 Bio-Calmille Anii-Puffiness Eye Cream Insianl K raluces the ap|)earance 01 puttiness and ~ dark circles even ^ r L. the elusive fragrance of this rare flower comes from the Himalayan , foothills. Wake-up with a complex- ion that looks revitalized and radiant. H4t\ tnli- reg 5fe:95 Ktso Price ^2 y^ #22 Lavende r Fool Cream Cool and comfort lired, aching leet ^ — with the essence i' ., of knender. Sfc^ Isi RO Price I *2 % #23 Botanical Facial Scrub Super-line, all-natural |)arln les butt auavdirl and impurities. Call your state medical- licensing board to check whether your doctor has ever had her license revoked or suspended.130 DESIGNING WOMEN Three decorating divas take us inside the rooms that they love most. At twenty, she married her fifth cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and gave birth to six children. Please enclose your address label from a recent issue. The more sensitive you are, the harder it is to feel soft. 'Your husband promised to have the rent money three days ago,' he said. He says he wants a biihy as much as I do, but at this point we can barely afford to keep our cat. '\X'ell, somebody has to be responsi- ble enough to support him,' Rich re- torted. Getting married seemed natural, and a relief after all that separation during our college years — but the expense of setting up housekeeping depleted all the money we had. Just going out for burgers and a movie cost a fortune. She laid the groundwork for change that would make their life to- gether better and would help Rich ful- fill his ow Ti potential. She felt her own feelings had been validated — and she was touched to realize that Rich's selfish behavior came not from arro- gance, but from the very opposite: a fear of being insignificant. 'It looks like callousness, but hides a very soft and frightened heart.' "To help understand how their cri- sis had developed, we talked about their early lives. ■ J #8 Bionutritive Night Cream Speeds up the natural process of skin renewal with a generous dose of essential vitamins to soothe dry skin. Unfortunately, the aggressiveness of these boards in disciplining doc- tors for substandard care varies greatly from state to state.D., a dermatologist at New York's Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Your contract should also include a one-year war- ranty on the work.Indoor exercisers sn' Id get out of sweaty '.workout wp nto, or risk nasty Ci'estand aakouts. • JAIJJARY i998 antistress scents Stuck in traffic? Why not calm your frayed nerves with one easy spritz? , Take your TUMS.^ The good news is calc help prevent osteoporo and calcium is eas} As easy as taking Turns.; a? LAWYERS "Attorneys generally charge one hun- dred to two hundred dollars an hour.

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Ask for names ai phone numbers of a few clients w similar problems. Finally, decide if the at ney is someone you'll feel comf able working with. tlian a couple of weeks and if nornial, everyday lifi feels like too much to handle.